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May 1, 2020
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I thought I’d share some thoughts on pool ownership from a newbie.

It’s a year ago that I came into pool ownership.

At the time I inherited the previous owners test kit which was a two chamber device to try and decipher what colour the dpd tablet went as well as their ‘advice’ on care.

they were using pucks and cal-hypo granular.

safe to say I didn’t have a clue. I wasn’t sure that we’d keep it.

I tested and it was red but I couldn’t really tell how much chlorine by eye but added
chlorine anyway Thinking surely must need some. All the time thinking when swimming that I had no idea if too much or too little.

puck used to go in the skimmer. Once I left the puck in the skimmer for weeks with the pump off.

pool care certainly wasn’t a paradise.

I added copper algacide Over the winter which turned out to be good and bad. The algaecide reacted with The massive cya level I had (nearly 200) albeit I didn’t know this or even in fact what cya was. Such that I had a purple sediment. This is all bad I hear you say. Well what happened in trying to find out what this purple was meant I came across tfp. It was at this point everything changed.

now I feel like I know exactly (well maybe not quite exactly!) what is going on with my pool, what to add and when.

so far I think there’s only been one question I have that you haven’t answered.

My pool isn’t fancy or that large but I wanted to Say a big thank all for making it a paradise. I’m so glad I stumbled across this site you Are a friendly bunch who tak the time to answer my silly questions at the start and taking me under your wing.

I wish I had a swcg but with a chlorine consumption of less than 1 per day (my pool is in a Perspex shell) I’m not sure it justifies the expense just yet.

Thanks all.


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May 3, 2014
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We are pleased that your pool maintenance is now understood and that TFPC helped you on that journey!
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