Jelly like substance in hair after swimming


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Oct 5, 2019
My daughter swam in the pool and found a jelly like substance throughout her hair when she got out. She did not have any hair product in her hair. What could cause this in the pool? There isn’t anything noticeable with that consistency, however, the deck was power washed a couple days before with Simple Green and we cleaned the pool for nearly 48 hours prior to swimming. Had water tested and all numbers good with exception of chlorine which was a little high. Looking at the pool this evening it looks a little cloudy, but not too bad and I still don’t see anything with that consistency and only see a little debris from the decking. Any insight is greatly appreciated. Substance was similar to orbeez consistency (clear jelly like). Ran the heater for the first time in a long time, too.


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Mar 2, 2011
How much Simple Green got in the pool?

A little cloudy is not good water quality.

You need your own test kit so that you know exactly what the chemistry is.

Relying on random tests by someone else is not going to allow you to maintain the water chemistry properly.

What do you mean that you cleaned the pool for 48 hours?

You should SLAM and get the water crystal clear.

Make sure that the filter is clean. What equipment do you have?

What are the chemistry readings?
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Jun 16, 2019
Have you had any little ones swimming lately ? Maddie guessed diaper gel the other day for someone who had something very similar. I didnt see an answer on the other post, but it sure looked like it came from a diaper.