Jasco Green Muriatic Acid


Aug 16, 2017
Hopkinsville, KY
I thought I would post the information that Lowe’s currently has on their website regarding the chemical content of Jasco Green Muriatic Acid since it was different than other information that I found online, and I needed correct information to use my Pool Math app to lower my ph.

I’ll try to attach my photos, but here is the information in case I don’t succeed.
Jasco Green Muriatic Acid
1 gallon at Lowe’s for $8.98
Strength: 10° Baume 15.725%

I read on another thread that I could have gotten a higher percentage for less cost, but I live in a small town and this is what I could find when I needed it. 443B5CE0-2E12-4B3C-B284-45B227AC8710.jpeg4529EEFE-3153-4533-9844-BAF679B44EDA.png