Jandy VS pump differences


Jun 24, 2019
New Orleans
Could anyone tell me the difference between the VS pumps by Jandy. The 3 I’m curious about are:

2. VS 2.7 FloPro
3. VS 2.7 ePump

Which one is better? Most energy efficient? Need to pick one on a new pool build with 15x29 pool and raised 7x7 spa. Thank you!


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May 19, 2010
Tucson, AZ
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There is a comparison chart of the 3 in this PDF: https://www.jandy.com/-/media/zodiac/global/downloads/sa/sa6228.pdf
They all look extremely similar to me.
The PlusHP has higher flow rates at the same RPM.
The FloPro has slightly lower flow rates than the ePump.

The FloPro seems like a more compact design to be used for retrofitting onto existing equipment pads.

They are all kind of overkill for most pools, even the 2.21 ePump has more flow than that FloPro.
If the 2.7 ePump has the SVRS, avoid that.