Jandy valve actuator handle rotating 360


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Jan 29, 2015

My spa jandy valve handle is rotating 360 degrees with the filter on and with the filter off. When I discovered the problem the motor was hot to the touch. It is a NeverLube model. It does appear to stick making me think it's a gear problem. All of the connections look good.


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Sep 18, 2017
Silicon Valley, CA
What is this valve controlling? Do you mean it is rotating from your automation signal, or manually? If it's over-rotating, it could leave the diverter blocking flow where it's not supposed to.

If it was me, I would not let the actuator run in automatic (flip the switch underneath to the middle/neutral/off position). I would open up the actuator to see why it's not stopping. And I would definitely open up the valve area underneath to make sure the diverter is pointed in a good direction for basic pump/filter operation.