Jandy tri sensor


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Jun 4, 2014
Northern CA
I have the famous error 170 on my jandy unit. My flow/salinity sensor has rust on the sensor and the sensor is swolen. I purchased a new sensor, new one has the inline box on the cord for program a/b. Model I purchased is R0452500
I installed the new sensor. Error 170 went away. However the box on the cord does not light up. No lights means "check connection". So either my board is not powering the sensor, or I got a defective sensor? Now I have codes 172 185 186, sensor error codes.
I have looked at the troubleshooting guide... It refers to front and back boards, and has pictures showing test points. My controller board is different (newer?) than the photos in the guide. Attached is picture of my board.
I did the tests it calls for using the r - h and salinity buttons and read the desired 75 and 91 degree reading. However the salinity read 3.3 rather than 2.8gpl...not exactly sure what that tells me.
I would like to verify voltage to the sensor if anyone knows where to test? Or any other advise before trying a new sensor (again lol)