Jandy transformer voltages seem odd


Jul 21, 2014
My Jandy Aqualink RS control board does not power up, i.e. no visible lights and no command functions. I reset the board, tripped the breakers to let the system rest, removed and replaced the lithium coin battery, all to no avail. I checked the secondary on the center-tapped transformer and the two hot wires (yellow) together read around 25vac as expected. But when I test each leg separately, one leg shows 11vac while the other leg shows 14vac which of course equals the total voltage.

Before I send this board out for repair, does this unequal voltage seem suspect? Thanks to all.



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Jul 7, 2014
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In the past 55 years of working on this stuff, I have seen less than 5 bad power transformers. And... everyone of them was installed wrong and blew up when initially powered on. About the only way to hurt one of them is to connect a 120 volt transformer to 240 volts...


Jim R.