Jandy temperature sensors not accurate


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Oct 20, 2020
North Virgina
New pool. All Jandy , have 5 ways of measuring temperature
1. Manually with probe
2. Aquapure sensor
3. Heater sensor
4. External aqualink sensor
5. Polaris robot cleaner sensor

All read high except for manual probe and robot cleaner. Roughly 5-10 degrees higher. Noticed when trying to heat pool to 85 and heater shut off when water was still only 78.

The equipment is on south side of house so it gets a lot of sun, but my normal speed flows about 70 gpm , which I thought would be more than enough to not be affected by warm equipment.

Has anyone else had issue like this? The aquapure, heater and external sensor are all within 3 degrees of each other, but not accurate to actual water temp


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Jul 21, 2013
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Show us pics of your equipment pad and where the aquapure, heater and external sensor are located.


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Sep 18, 2021
Los Angeles, CA
My Jandy pool temp sensor read about 5 degrees high out of the box. After checking the water in the skimmer a few times (as close as I can to the sensor which is on the pump discharge pipe) I just used the calibration option in the Aqualink software to correct it. My Aquapure sensor also reads about 1 or 2 degrees high, which is probably withing the expected tolerance.


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Oct 20, 2020
North Virgina
I measured early morning and heater showed correct temp, aqualink was one degree high and aquapure was two degrees high. As day goes delta grows to 5 degrees or more.

I’m guessing this must be issue on every pool. I will probably try to put something to cover equipment pad and give shade
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