Jandy Spalink RS Display Not Working


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Oct 23, 2016
Roseville, CA
I have a Jandy Spalink RS (8-button, model 7891) that was installed into the rocks/plaster in our Jacuzzi about 15 years ago. The unit is still functional, but the LED display recently stopped working.

I can't find any schematics or troubleshooting guides online and it doesn't appear that they make these units anymore.

Is it straightforward to troubleshoot a display issue and if so, are replacement parts available anymore?


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Jul 21, 2013
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I don't think there is anything serviceable in the remote box.

The remote should simply be press fitted into the mud box. The remote with the wire is one sealed unit. Disconnect the wires at the Aqualink and connect a pull cord to the wire. Pull the remote out with the wire. Connect the pull cord to the new wire and pull it through. Connect the wires to the Aqualink. It is never that simple but that is the replacement process.

It still shows on the Jandy website. Jandy pulled all their products off the Internet so it looks like they are not available anyplace. A Jandy dealer should be able to get one.

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