Jandy spa/pool heater temp sensor failure replacement part


Nov 27, 2012
Davenport, FL
Last week we started getting an error message on our Jandy LXi heater. The message indicated a shorted sensor.

Apparently this is a fairly common problem.

I went looking for a Jandy replacement and found that a Jandy branded replacement was over $60.00.

I kept looking and came across a guy on e-bay selling a replacement unit that he produces on his home 3D printer. He sells them for $20.00. I was a little skeptical but went ahead and bought one.

It came in the mail today and I had it installed in about 10 minutes following the pictures on the instructions sheet he provided. It's working perfectly. What a great find.

I'm a very happy customer who'd like to give fellow pool/spa owners a heads up on a nice way to save money if/when your Jandy temp sensor fails.

Go to Ebay and search for :

Zodiac R0456500 Temperature Sensor Replacement Alternative

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