Jandy Service light came on, should I run it?


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Jun 7, 2010
Huntsville, AL

New equipment, 2 months on and I have a service light on my SWG Jandy Aquapure system. I have two error codes, 172 - "Flow Sensor service condition or flow sensor is unplugged" and 185 - (Don't know this one, it is not in the manual...)

172 says contact a service rep, my question is should I leave the pump running to keep water flowing and pretend like nothing is wrong until they get here, or should I leave it off (which seems dangerous with the heat). Or should I lower the CL percentage to 0% (and supplement with bleach) and keep it running, I do see water pumping in the returns, and it "sounds" OK....

Help please!


You aren't going to hurt anything with a flow switch code; it just isn't going to let the system turn on to generate chlorine. The other code I'm not sure of, so I can;t help you with that one :oops:

You should be able to clean the tri-sensor/flow sensor yourself; it is pretty easy, and, from my experience, tend to fault semi often!