Jandy S-Series Nicheless Replacement


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Sep 22, 2019
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I just had a fiberglass pool installed with OmniLogic automation. Jandy Pro Series-S nicheless were used. My question, it appears the only way to change colors is to turn lights on/off till color is achieved, would Hayward ColorLogic provide easier control, within the app being able to choose the color. Directly? Second how difficult would the replacement be? Thanks


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Jul 21, 2013
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IT looks like the Hayward COLORLOGIC 320 & 160 LED ACCENT LIGHTS have the same 1.5" form factor as your Jandy Pro Series-S nicheless lights. Your OmniLogic should be able to control the lights. You do need to confirm that the software version in your OmniLogic panel will work with the Colorlogic lights. It looks like the lights come in standard switched and networked versions. I think you want the network version to connect to the OmniLogic. Hayward makes it all difficult to figure out.

The manual for the Colorlogic lights are at https://hayward-pool-assets.com/ass...aLogic-160-320-owners-manual.pdf?fromCDN=true

The manual fro your Jandy lights are at https://www.jandy.com/-/media/zodiac/global/downloads/h/h0622800.pdf?force=1

Compare page 6 in the Jandy manual with page 3 in the Hayward manual. You need to confirm the depth you have if adequate for the Hayward lights.

Hayward has tried to discourage sales of their products on the internet and DIY installation. It may be best for warranty and support to get the correct lights installed and running that you do this project through a Hayward installer.
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