Jandy PDA wasn't displaying Aquapure info.


Oct 12, 2018
I had a problem that some people had posted in the past, namely that their Jandy PDA wasn't displaying
the Aquapure SWG information or the salt level in their pool.

As most people have posted, a power cycle usually fixes the problem, and I discovered that to be true, but
one important part was that I discovered it requires a power cycle to all the pool components. I threw
the breakers to my Jandy panel and to the pump, and I saw everything shut off, but after I turned it back on
my PDA was still not displaying the Aquapure information when the system was running. I tried it several times
without any luck.

Then.... I threw the breakers to my entire pool panel and when I turned the system back on the information
came back to my PDA. So, make sure that you are really power cycling everything.