Jandy Nicheless Lights


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Jan 3, 2018
Gunter, Tx
One day my lights are working fine and now you can hear them cycle but they never come on. None of the four in the pool. I want to say there was just a update on the Iaqualink and I don't know if they worked after that. I do know now that when you go to your app and select a color it shows a progress bar and then supposed to come on. The progress bar wasn't on the app before the update, before the lights would come on immediately and just cycle through until the one you selected.

Thanks in advance..


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Feb 24, 2015
Santa Cruz, CA
When my Jandy lights failed (I had multiple failures of my LEDS), I tested the wires coming out of my pool junction box with a volt meter to verify that I was getting the correct voltage (12.9-13v in my case). I also checked my tansformer to check the output there and watched the voltage turn on and off while I switched the lights on/off with my Jandy automation - this was just to make sure there were not issues with my other components.