Jandy LXI400N

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Sep 10, 2019
I’ve been getting a ignition fault message, I changed the transformer, and flame sensor today and it fired up, last week it was the ignition box same thing it fired up and ran for two days. I had left the front cover off today and when I went to put it back on it shut off. I took the cover back off and it stays on. Is there a vent that needs to be cleared and where is that? All I see it the vents on the back towards the bottom.


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Oct 25, 2015

Sounds very similar to a problem I had with my Jxi. With the cover off and starting I wiggled the sensor wire and the ignition cycle completed then started. Did this a couple of times. Connections looked clean but I guess they are sensitive to just a tiny amount of corrosion. In my case it was the wire that was detecting air flow. I took it off and all of the others one-at-a-time, cleaned, reassembled then sprayed with Corrosion Block. I used CB extensively in our offshore sailing days but I'm sure any good ant-corrosion spray for electrical connections will work. This was several years ago and no failures since. I use the heater every winter since we swim year round here but it also goes about 10 months with no use every year.

Hope this helps.



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Jul 6, 2011
I've seen this same issue on a mastertemp where there was a hole in the can and the unit was sucking in uncombusted fuel thru the blower motor and that was causing it to shut down. Your unit isn't designed like a mastertemp so I would have to see if there is a hole in the hood portion of the heater where the blower motor is.

Or you have excessive heat exiting the chamber and it is getting sucked in by the blower motor. Etheir way, it is something getting sucked into the blower and thus leaving the cabinet open, allows the unit to keep running as it is getting fresh air.