Jandy LXI 400N Pool Heater H20 Short


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Jun 14, 2013
Austin, TX
Hi - I received the H20 Short error on my LXi 400N yesterday. Today, I disconnected the sensor and tested the resistance and it is way off, indicating a 140 degree temperature, when it's actually about 75 degrees. Further, with the sensor disconnected, the fault changes to an H20 sensor OPEN error. So I'm looking to replace the sensor.

When looking up the part online, R0456500, I see two versions.

One is a metal looking sensor with a clear plastic sleeve, like this.

Then, there's a fully encased version, looks non-OEM, but maybe simpler version, like this or this super inexpensive one.

Anyone with experience in replacing these and information on the various versions? Any help is appreciated.
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