Jandy lite2 won't fire up. Block siphon tube?

Andrew Sarchus

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Apr 11, 2011
I figured out that if I jumped the presure switch the heater would come on so I ordered a new switch. The new switch also doesn't close the circuit. So I pointed the siphon tube in a direction I didn't mind getting wet and turned on my pump with the switch off and nothing came out. :(

I haven't changed anything since I winterized it. I'm assuming the tube is blocked with a bit of dirt or rust or something. I stuffed about 18 inches of weedeater filament into the tube but it couldn't get it to go the last 6 inches, think that is because of a tight bend, but it could be the blockage. Either way I didn't get any water to come out.

I have to go buy a special wrench to remove the other end of the tube without tearing the heater apart and try to clear it. Anything else I should try or buy?

We're having a pool party next Friday so i need to have it running by Wednesday night.

Bama Rambler

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Jun 22, 2009
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With all the twists and turns in that tube it's no winder you couldn't get the trimmer line through it. I think you have a good plan. Take the tube loose and see if it's blocked. Then go from there.