Jandy LED light not working


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Aug 13, 2014
Mansfield, TX
Had some friends over last night and went out back to chat by the pool. When I turned the light on, it worked at first, but was very dim and finally went out completely. GFCI is fine, but reset several times just to check. When I turn it on and operate it as usual with my PDA, I can hear it cycling, but no light. Pool/light is just 3.5 years old and would be surprised if the bulb is out. However of course it's out of warranty and PB wants close to a grand to replace. This is recent because I do turn the lights on every so often at night and the last time was a couple weeks ago and it was fine. And the lights don't get what I'd call a ton of use. Maybe 1-2 nights a month for an hour or two in the off-season and a couple nights a week for the same amount of time during swim season.

Any thoughts or things I might be missing for troubleshooting? Also if it comes to that, better to find another pool maintenance person aside from PB?

Thanks in advance!