jandy iaqualink

Hi Guys

Does anyone have the Jandy iaqualink , I would like to know
a couple of things>

1/ can you use the Palm remote as well as the iPhone app or computer app?
2/ is it possible to have a spa side wired controller as well as the Palm remote

the reason i ask this is that i have ordered the palm remote but now I'm a little worried
i should have got the spa side controller as well.
then I could just use the palm remote inside the house.

Do they work in conduction with each other or is it one or the other?



Apr 3, 2014
1) I currently have linked and can control mine from at least 5 separate wireless devices. Not sure but I don't think there is a limit. I have it loaded as an App on the devices. Only limit is you can only control from one device at a time.

2) Wired controllers are typically wired directly to the panel. You can wire the iaqualink to a wired controller but no more than 2 wired devices can share a single wired link to the panel. A spa side wired controller is nice since it is always in reach to control your spa functions and others you may chose, plus its waterproof. It should work in conjunction with your wireless remote


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Apr 4, 2014
Austin TX
bobbyjo is correct, additionally:

1) I kept my Palm thinking i'd use it since it is water resistant (but not waterproof) and I haven't used it a single time. I just use the iPhone app always. You'll find that is much more responsive and probably won't want to use the slower palm remote anymore. The problem seems to be however that it is now all tied to the aqualink website. So if those things are down you could use the remote as backup and it should still work.
Thanks Guys,
I got the iaqualink up and running today
what a great system, I also have the new
palm held remote....i think this one is now water proof it is white
in colour.
I am a little disappointed that it it does not work better
when you want to change the colour of the led lights.
I have 7 colours and would light to just pick a colour instead of turning
on and off to get to the colour I want.
Apart from that its great.



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Oct 27, 2007
Parkland, FL
it does let you pick a color unless you don't have lights compatible with it. I have the jandy pda system and the remote is quite slow. I plan eventually to upgrade to iaqualink and use a galaxy s5 to control it as its waterproof.
yeah, In Australia Spa Electrics are the biggest suppliers of pool and spa lights
I have their multicoloured leds which are not supported by the aqua link, pretty poor in my opinion.
surly it would not be hard to support more that 4 types of light systems

I cannot program a certain colour to come on or change a colour easy , i have to flip through every colour
to get to the one i want.