Jandy iAqualink upgrade - not sure if it's compatible with my pool


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Jun 19, 2020
The Woodlands, Texas
My pool was put in about 5 years ago and we have the Zodiac Aqualink controller for our system. We use the standard remote and it's really slow and just awful to use. We're looking to upgrade to something better if possible. I'd like to install the iAqualink 2.0 but I'm really confused about whether or not it's compatible with what we have. I looked at our board and it looks like the RS board but it says PDA P8 only Rev 7 so I assume it's the PDA board. Does this mean we need to buy the iAqualink upgrade that includes the new board? How do I know which one I have?

According to the Jandy manual, it says that the iAqualink 2.0 is compatible with the PDA board but that I'd still need the remote to program. Basically the phone app would just turn the system off and on. Is that really all it does? Can you turn on the individual components with it (heater, waterfalls, etc) or just the pump? Anyone with any experience that can explain the functionality?

Finally, are there any other options for replacing this remote or are we just stuck using these Jandy products?

Thanks for your help!


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Jun 5, 2016
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Mine was 17 years old and upgraded just fine. the ic chip has to be a certian revision or newer. Older systems get an updated ic chip in addition to the rest iirc. It controls everything and you can retire the pda.


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Jun 7, 2017
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There are 2 upgrades for your system. The IQ20a, which just adds WiFi and the ability to turn things on/off with your phone (what you describe). And the IQ20-RS. The IQ20-RS converts your system to an RS system where the programming functionality switches to the phone or computer.

The IQ20a includes just an antenna and the IQ20-RS includes the antenna and a new board (see below it looks like that but that is my old PDA board. You will have a similar one that gets replaced with the RS version of the board. You'll want to match your existing number so you'll need an "RS8 P or S".

With the IQ20-RS you can still keep and use your PDA if you want but you'll find you never use it anymore. To keep it, you'll need to keep both antennas as the PDA is 900 Mhz. See below you can see I have both antennas connected.