Jandy epump controller kepad locked


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Aug 14, 2018

My father in law put in a new Jandy vs with the epump controller. The yellow buttons don't seem to do anything. The pump is running an 8 hour cycle at the moment but he wants to put the correct time on the clock and change it to 6 hours a day.

The problem is that the yellow buttons won't do anything. I have pressed the two up and down buttons to the right of the display for 5 seconds as per the operation manual to no avail.

My father in law called the place where he bought it and they told him that it someone presses random buttons on the controller then it will lock out and need a code to unlock. Im assuming it must be an engineers code or something. Anyway they can't come out for a couple of weeks and my father in law thinks a made a mess of his new pump!


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Mar 2, 2011
Try this:
First, make sure that the keypad is not locked by pressing the up and down arrow simultaneously for about five seconds. If the keypad was unlocked, it will lock it. If that doesn't work, unlock the keypad and try turning off the power for 5 minutes and then back on.

If that doesn't work, try this:

Turn off power to the pump.
Open compartment where power wires connect.
Note wire color order at the red 4 wire connector.. It should be 1)Red 2)Black 3)Yellow 4)Green.
Disconnect the two center wires (black and yellow) of the four wire set connecting the JEP-R to the pump.
Don't let the ends touch anything or each other.
Turn on power and load defaults.
Turn off power.
Reconnect the two center wires.
Turn on power.
Reprogram settings.

The power center supplies the controller 10 VDC via the two (2) outside wires (red and green) of the four (4) conductor cables. The two (2) inner wires (yellow and black) provide the two-way communication link between the controller and the power center.

By disconnecting the center wires, you should be able to regain the ability to load defaults.

Check for 10 volts DC to the red and green wires if the above process does not work.

If you have 10 volts dc to the controller and the above procedure did not work, you probably need a new JEP-R.

Below is the procedure to load defaults, which resets settings to factory settings.

The controller must be in the OFF mode before entering the user setup mode. While in setup mode the controller will return back to the OFF mode after one (1) minute since the last key press.
To enter the service setup menu, press and hold MENU, then press and hold the "star" and speed "4" keys. Hold all three (3) keys down for five (5) seconds. To exit, press any speed button
To restore factory default settings to the controller, from the service setup menu, select LOAD DEFAULTS. Press MENU. Using the arrow keys, select YES. Press MENU to restore factory default settings.