Jandy ePump automatically turning on @ midnight


New member
May 25, 2020
Bakersfield, CA
Hello, I’m new here and new to owning a pool.

My Jandy ePump automatically turns on exactly at midnight, but not every night. My wireless PDA says all equipment is off. In the PDA, there are two windows of cycles that begin at 7AM to 11AM and the other at 12PM to 3PM. One is for the pump to circulate water via the return jets. The other is for the pump to circulate via sheer descent waterfalls.

When the pump turns on at midnight, it turns on the pump with the return jets. The PDA says everything is off. Using the PDA, I can turn on the sheer descent and that comes on. If I turn it off via PDA the pump stays on back to the return jets. I have to manually tap the button to put it in service mode to turn it off.

I’ve seen other threads that are similar that mention the spa remote is bad. I don’t have a spa and not sure what to try. Any help is greatly appreciated. I’ll try your recommendations but it may take a while to see if it fixes the issue as the midnight turn on is sporadic and not every night. In the last month is has happened about 6-8 times. Thank you!