Jandy Colors 120v Halogen convert to LED Lights Conversion


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Aug 17, 2020
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Need to upgrade 120v halogen lights to LED's Looking for Advise
Existing Equipment:
  1. Jandy Colors 120v Lights Jandy JPL and JSL series lights (Jandy JPL & JPS light fixture housings)
  2. Jandy AquaLink RS Control System with AquaLink RS PDA (pool digital assistant, hand held controller)
  • Is there a retrofit LED bulb 120v that will fit the Jandy Colors JPL and JSL light fixtures?
    • JPL uses MR-16 EYC bulbs (8 bulbs)
    • JSL uses G-4 Capsule bulbs (8 bulbs)
  • Is there a LED conversion kit for the Jandy Colors?
    • Bascially a retrofit bulb what uses 120v power?
Best Solution?? (Anyone done this ?)
1. Install a 120 v to 12v transformer for power to pool and spa lights
2. Replace existing halogen lights (MR-16 and G-4 Style bulbs) with LED versions

Attached exploded view of Jandy JPL & JSL light fixtures
  • Convert AquaLink RS from 120v to 12v (transformer) and Use 12v MR-16 LED Bulbs (12v)
    • Has any one added a 120v to 12v transformer and replaced the 120v MR-16 Halogen bulbs with 12V MR-16 LED bulbs
      • Recommeded 120v to 12v transformer?
      • 12v MR-16 style LED retrofit bulbs with will work with the Jandy JPL and JPS light fixture housings
Thank you


  • Jandy JSL (spa) Uses G-4 bulb.pdf
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  • Jandy JPL (pool) Light Uses MR-16 Bulb.pdf
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