Jandy C1900 ORP and pH ChemLink Controller


Apr 28, 2018

I have a Jandy C1900 ORP and pH ChemLink Controller that is around seven years old that has recently stopped recognizing when a new pH calibration number is entered. I am able to enter and save the new number as expected however the system stays on the old inaccurate number and slowly moves around according to pH levels.

I have tried the following to no avail:
  • Resetting equipment by completely shutting down power.
  • Clearing all memory via the OneTouch screen and reprograming entire system.
  • Trying to recalibrate pH from OneTouch, web and iOS.
  • Swapping out front board and chip.
  • Swapping out pH sensor.
Although I doubt the salt board has anything to do with the issue, I tested it regardless and received no error codes. The only thing left is the C1900 itself (which is no longer produced and Jandy tech support on the item is basically non existent). I am hoping another user has had same issue and can share solution.



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Sorry you have not received any responses.
TFP has found that ORP control systems do not consistently work well with pool water. So there is little discussion about them.
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