Jandy Automation Costs

Sep 22, 2011
In the process of building a new inground pool and attached spa w/spillover. It will have all Jandy components (CV580 filter, AquaPure 1400 SWG, 2hp variable speed pump, Legacy 400k BTU heater, 2hp blower for spa, 3hp jet pump for spa). My question is what's needed to fully automate everything using the IAquaLink and my iPhone/PC as well as how much this should cost installed.

Sep 22, 2011
From what I've researched, I believe I need the following. Please let me know if these are good choices or if any components are missing/wrong.

PDA-PS8 System
PureLink sub panel power center w/ 12 breaker base
AquaLink cell kit for pools up to 40k gallons

All together, they are around $2400. What would be the avg cost to install?


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Aug 9, 2010
Austin, TX
Assuming they have to run a sub-panel at the pump to wire up all of that equipment, there is not much more to do to install the controller. I would definitely have an electrician wire it up to code given the consequences if there is a short and not protected by a GFI circuit. Once the 110/240 is all done up, everything else is easily DIY if you fancy yourself a handy-type person.