Jandy Aquapure - no Temp reading on PDA and cell won't turn on, but works in service mode


New member
Aug 16, 2018
Peachtree City, GA
Hi, My Jandy Aquapure is less than 2 years old. My PDA just stopped showing the water temperature (but the main board shows 78), and my aquapure stopped creating chlorine. I have increased it to 60% on my PDA, but it's showing 00% on the main board. The "flow" button is lit but not the "cell on" button. My pool got down to no chlorine so I ran the Boost from the PDA and it worked great. I also put the main board into service mode and was able to set the chlorine to 30% and the cell turned on no problem. Hoping it's something simple you might be able to help me with!