Jandy Aquapure error 170


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Jul 20, 2021
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This thread has been dormant for a while but I found it today when trying to troubleshoot my own pool. Just moved in to the home in Oct. Everything has been going relatively well. Added salt and stabilizer as needed. But late last week I got the error 170. I looked cell and there is a small amount of buildup but nothing major. About 2 months ago there was quite a lot. I had a pool company come out., show me how to take the cell apart. Told me to use muriatic acid to clear the cell. Check it monthly and I should be fine. So I have done that. There has been no need to clear the cell since then. So my question is this.... since I am getting the error, I cannot see what my salt level is on the system. It just says waiting. How do I know if its my Cell or the sensor? I dont want to buy both if I only need 1 or the other. Is there a way to see if you are still producing salt if the sensor is bad? Or is there a way to know if the sensor is still ok if the cell is no longer producing? Or just spend the 900+ bucks and buy both?
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