Jandy AquaPure Ei Series Salt Generator: Output Fault (after re-doing terminals)

Johnnie Black

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Oct 25, 2020
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For some time, the terminal ends on my Aqua Pure SWG had become increasingly frayed until the last time I cleaned the unit one of them snapped off the cable entirely.

The original heavy duty terminals were soldered and it didn't seem viable to clean them up and re-solder, so I bought some wire matching each of the cables (one blue, one black and two red) and made some short pigtails out of:
  • 14 AWG Stranded Tinned Copper Wire (in red, black and blue to match the existing cables)
  • a female bullet connector crimped onto one end of the pigtail (which connects to a terminal post on the SWG)
  • a male bullet connector, crimpred to the other end of the pigtail (which connects to further female connector, crimped to the original cable)
All crimps on the cables were made with a proper wire crimper (not pliers) and all seem good -- the wire is in the connector and the crimp is firmly on the cable.
All female connectors seem to have a nice tight connection on the SWG posts.

All was working before the cable broke to neccessitate the above "fix" but, since the change, I am seeing "OUTPUT FAULT" displayed intermittently (salt production was on at 20% and "On" is displayed for ~2 mins then "OUTPUT FAULT" for ~2 mins (I presume that the unit is trying to produce chlorine in 2 minute bursts and the error is displayed when it is trying to produce).

The blue cable seems to sense flow, since if I disconnect it, the No Flow red light illuminates on the panel (so, as a proof on concept, that one seems working as expected)

I have taken the cover of the panel and the two fuses are good (confirmed via multi-meter) and I don't see any obvious sign for anything having blown. Other things being equal since this was last working, I am naturally suspicious of my cabling --- is there any way I can use a multi-meter to test for expected output at the board where the cable from the SWG connects and test what is coming out of the end of each pigtail?

It seems like a voltage problem sent down one (or more) of the cables --- can anyone advise what output each cable color represents and how I might check to see if I need to redo any of the connections?

Any input gratefully received --- I'm not averse to replacing the unit but I'd hate to do so if this is a simple (and therefore inexpensive) cabling issue that I failed to address properly.

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This thread with AquaPure ei diagnostic information says you should have 21-22V at 5 amps.

See page 18 in...


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Mar 2, 2011
Can you show pictures of everything?

Did you get the wires mixed up?

You can check the voltage and amperage of the power going to the cell.