Jandy Aqualink RS 2/6 malfunction


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Mar 4, 2021
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Our pool equipment seems to be constantly in need of repair. Our latest problem is the spa pump, which is on an automated schedule. The problem is that once the spa heats up, the pump turns completely off and doesn't come back on when the spa starts heating again. Also, the read-out on the panel has always shown the temperature of the spa as long as the heater is scheduled to run, whether it's actively heating or not. Since the last time it was serviced, the temperature no longer shows on the 2/6 once it reaches the programmed temperature. It doesn't show on the RS 2/6, nor on the heater unit. Our service providers fix one problem, then another one arises. Do you have any idea what the problem can be? Service options are limited.


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Jul 21, 2013
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Welcome to TFP.

We need to see more information about your setup.

Show us pics of the inside wiring of your Aqualink cabinet.

List all the equipment you have with model numbers. What model number pumps do you have?

Post pics of your panel showing the spa temperature the way you describe.

Please create your signature with details of your pool and equipment and we will try and help you.
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