Jandy and Raypak Heater Wiring


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Jul 13, 2021
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Moved from here.. Jandy Controller and Raypak Heater Wiring

You only need two wires to come from the Jandy to the heater to control it. As long as you have a temp sensor installed, the automation should have it, you can control you temperature for the pool or spa. You would use a three wire setup if your automation system didn't have the temp sensor installed. You would then set pool temp on the heater and a spa temp on the heater. Then when the automation system makes a call for heat to the pool, the heater turns on and heats to the heaters set temp. Same for the spa. Nobody I know does it this way anymore. Well anyone with a good automation system.

Does the spa have it's own pump that is used when the system is in spa mode? I ask because some older setups had two pumps and the heater might only be connected to the spa pump so that would mean the heater is really only used for the spa.

The way the system is wired now is correct.
Does it matter if the pool common is tied to nothing vs the spa common? I have seen other sites doing it in this way?
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Dec 23, 2013
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I don't think it matters since you set the temp to maximum and the Aqualink turns it in and off based on the temperature set in the Aqualink settings and the Aqualink temp sensor. I think I used the spa wire and capped the pool wire, but it probably doesn't matter.
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