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Jul 12, 2021
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My acuators were finally installed today. This is the default position when in pool mode. I'd like to have it closed off slightly more. what is the best way to do that? Can I just use the toggle switch on the bottom? I assume the toggle switch is just a temporary positioning and it would go back to this position once I went back to automated? The reason I want it closed off just a little bit more is because that flow impacts the water that ultimately comes over the spill from spa to pool and in this position the spill over is not a smooth even spill. When I was manual I just closed it off like one more click and it made it so the water was a nice even spill over. This position seems to send water into the spa at a higher rate and the spill isnt even


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Jul 21, 2013
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Actuator Stops in Wrong Position​

Follow the instructions on page 7 section 4.2 in the Actuator Manual to reset the cams for your desired stop points

It takes some patience and trial and error to get them set.

Or get the Jandy SMART JVA if you have Jandy Aqualink RS automation and make your JVAs adjustable in 5% increments from your Aqualink controllers.
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