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Nov 24, 2019
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I have 2 actuators to divert water to a in pool spa and water feature. Both have stopped working. I have taken one of the actuators of the valve.The shaft is engaged. Should the handle of the actuator turn if the actuator is not on the valve? I have a 24v .5amp power supply with the common connected to the black and connect the other end of the power supply to the red or the white of the actuator. I can hear the motor but the handle does not turn. Should it be turning? If so, any thing else i can check


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Jun 7, 2017
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The handle should turn if the valve is active. However, the handle can be pushed down for manual activation and then it won't turn with the motor. Was your pool closed recently and they did that to set the valves for closing?


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Jul 7, 2014
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If you have taken the actuator off the top of the Jandy valve, then you should be able to manually turn the Jandy valve. If you can't turn it manually, with the actuator removed, then something is wrong. It could be you have the little wing nut in the center of the handle too tight or the valve itself is stuck.

If you are just opening your pool for the season, you should also make sure the toggle switch on the back of the actuator is not in the off (center) position.


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