Jammed Multiport Plunger


Active member
Apr 26, 2017
Waterford, MI
I'm getting closer and closer to actually switching on my equipment and declaring the pool open for the year. My water is clear, tile patching should be done tomorrow, return plugs have been removed....and now come to find out that the guys who blew out my lines last year (from a respected local company) somehow managed to jam the multiport plunger that leads from my sand filter. It looks like they just pushed it down without turning it, cracking the plastic "guide" and bending the little catch pin on the handle. So now I can't get it to go up or down, or turn. Two questions: 1) is this damage likely just superficial, or would there be internal parts of the plunger that would be damaged by this? and 2) How do I get the d*** thing to move? Brute force?

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