Jaggedy under pool liner?


Jun 27, 2010
My pool was built 2 months ago. It's wonderful. 20 x 41 mountain pond inground. Concrete bottom and a mixture of concrete and vermiculite sides. I noticed today in the bright sun, that underneath the liner is quite a bit of rockiness texture. Especially on the walls and deep end sides it feels as if they didn't smooth it out completely... and one wrong bang on it, the liner might tear? At some points, it actually feels like a little pebbles/stones underneath.

My question is... is it common to have the surface under the liner not be completely smooth with a concrete bottom? Or, could they have done a better job. There's obviously nothing I can do, but I'm nervous.

Melt In The Sun

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Oct 29, 2009
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There are always imperfections, most of which won't ever cause problems. If the pebbles you feel are rounded and not sharp, they almost certainly won't poke through. Enjoy the pool!!

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