Jacuzzi Wide Mouth Skimmers


Jun 25, 2011
Has anyone ever had experience with the wide mouth skimmers made by Jacuzzi/Carvin Pools? I have a really old inground pool with a model W skimmer. It looks exactly the same as the new generation WF skimmer which is advertised on their website. Although there is nothing wrong with my skimmer, I do need some parts for it. I need the parts that will let me blend the main drain with the skimmer for adequate circulation. Its a really weird design.. Why would they plumb the main drain into the bottom of the skimmer? Most newer setups I've seen have the main drain having a dedicated line running directly to the pump. This seems like a much better design if you ask me, because you can control the rate of flow with a diverter valve. I guess this method wasn't common back in the 1970's. :?

Either way, I don't have the parts to let this happen. The pool has been running off 100% skimmer since we owned the pool, but I have confirmed that the main drain line isn't clogged. I did a simple pressure test last year. There is a little flapper that blocks the MD port off. I have no clue what the purpose of this flap is either. It seems as if there is a variety of positions for this flapper device to be in.

I am sure there are missing parts on this skimmer. Like the weir, and maybe a bunch of other parts. I do have the vac plate and basket though.

Anybody chiming in would be appreciated.