Jacuzzi J-VP 150 Variable Speed pump question


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Sep 3, 2020
Independence, MO
I bought this for my 20,000 inground pool and notice over the past 48 hours it is extremely loud. Almost like a humming sound. The paperwork says I have a 5 yr warranty but when I called THEY WANT ME TO BRING IT TO THEM.... I weigh 95 #'s and no nothing about electricity or how to get it apart. Shouldn't THEY do that? Also a FYI on this particular pump...it may save on electricity but doesn't nearly clean the water like my 20 yr old pump did. Anyone else having problem with this Jacuzzi J-VP 150 Variable Speed pump. Thank you so much!


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Jan 17, 2012
Evans, Georgia
Did they install it? Explain that you're unable to lift it and see if they have a repair person who can come to the house.

Its not a brand pump that's commonly mentioned here at TFP, and I only found two instances of a larger model mentioned in the archives.