J&J Colorsplash VU vs. Jandy HydroCool


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I've had 3 of the nicheless savi melody lights since we built the pool in 2012. With all of the known issues, I've had them replaced a time or two. The last batch lasted about 6 years but now one of them is out. I was thinking of getting one of the Jandy HydroCool lights which have a 3 yr warranty. Not sure if it'll sync up with the other two but at $450 each I thought I'd give it a try.

My other thought is to try one of the J&J ColorSplash VU lights. They also come with a 3 yr warranty and they tell me that they should work with Pentair Automation. Also not sure about syncing up but they're $275.

Any thoughts or experience with either one?