I've got to get a more efficient pump...but which one?

Jon Burk

May 1, 2010
Sheesh. After a few months of really, really high electric bills, I need to get a more efficient pump.

My current pump is this beast:

Century Centurion B130
2 HP
3450 RPM
1.20 Service Factor
10.5 AMPs

It's a 10,000 gallon pool with a spa and two small water features that run off the pump.

Needless to say, this pump is really pumping up my electric bill! (My top tier rate is $.31/kwh!)

It looks like the Intelliflo VF is the Cadillac of efficient pool pumps, and since it would seem to pay for itself (especially with the $200 rebate from SoCal Edison), I would be willing to spring for it.

The question is whether there is another pump that can save me as much money? Any advice? Or is the Intelliflo the one to go with?


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May 7, 2007
Silver Spring, MD
With high electrical rates, the IntelliFlo is going to be your best choice. There are other variable speed pumps that will save nearly as much. If you have a Hayward/Goldline automation system the TriStar Energy Solution is worth looking at because it integrates very nicely with Hayward/Goldline automation systems. Other than that, the IntelliFlo is going to be your best choice.