Its been the weirdest week for NZ


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It has been the strange and surreal watching it all unfold in the Wellington/Marlborough region this week. ::epds::
BTW I live 2 hrs away so not really affected

Sunday - 7.8M earthquake at midnight :shaking2::shaking2:
Monday - Tsunami - Heavy rain causing rivers to burst banks :drown:
Tuesday - Gale force winds of 120+kph (75mph) :super:
Wednesday - Mini Tornados (very rare here), heavy rain, reached 1700 earthquakes since midnight Sunday :shaking2:
Thursday - Snow to sea level forecast when we were at 19C (65F) today

Just waiting on the plague of locusts to arrive :scratch:

Keeping :calm: and carrying on but still you gotta wonder whats up with that??!?

Also thanks to the Aussie, Canadian and US Navies for helping out getting supplies into the areas that are cut off and getting some evacuees out


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Aug 10, 2012
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Good grief! What a week! Well, I guess you're getting it all over with at once.
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