It's been a while - Revisiting topic of Heat Pumps


Jun 8, 2015
Brighton East
Hi All,

Another newbie here from Melbourne, Aus.
My pool has just been finished, although my PB isn't too rushed to finish few issues that have cropped up since.

I am currently considering my long-term pool heating options. Currently I have Zodiac LZR gas heater. Obviously gas heating is bit on expensive side, so I am currently reviewing Heat Pump options.
Based on my preliminary research, the heat pumps are the way to go for almost all-year-around heating.
I have an concrete, in-ground, tiled 60,000L pool.

So my question is: Can anyone recommend a particular brand/model Heat Pump that would do the job (I understand that I need to get a model suited to my pool size).
Any brand that I should stay away from?
I noticed that most major pool equipment manufacturers are now in the business of selling heat pumps.
Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated.



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Sep 7, 2012
i live in pittsburgh pa and have had a heat pump for 4 years. I am going to switch to a gas heater. heat pumps take a very long time to warm up the water and usually do not work well at all when the air temp is 65 or below. hope this helps


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May 11, 2015
Sanger TX
I have been looking at them too. I know there are some issues with some of the manufacturers and warranty if you are not local to them. They dont have a service network.

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Jul 6, 2011
What Awilli8203 said is accurate. Once you get below 65, heat pumps are very inefficient. You have to run them almost constantly during the cooler months in order for them to keep the pool warm. Where as gas you can heat when you want but I guess gas is expensive in your area. Where are you located?