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Apr 12, 2010
I recently installed a new CompuPool SWG system to replace my old Shasta Chlorinator. The new control panel has red LED warning lights for high salt, low salt, and no water conditions. According to the manual, if any of these conditions are detected, the current is removed from the cell to prevent damage.
My panel occasionally will show one of those 3 conditions. Saturday and Sunday, the system worked fine. Monday, I had a "high salt" warning. Tuesday I had a "water fault" warning, and Wednesday it worked without any warnings. This morning the "low salt" warning LED was on! WTF?!

Has anyone had any experience good or bad with the CompuPool control panels? I'm thinking the panel or sensor is hooped, and I want to get it fixed while under warranty.

Any advice or input is appreciated!

Thanks, Garry

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Oct 29, 2009
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Sounds like something weird is going on. To get the "low salt" and "high salt" lights 3 days apart is very strange. It may be time for a call to the installer/manufacturer, but hopefully someone with experience with these units will see this!


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May 7, 2007
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If these symptoms do not repeat, and the initial high salt warning was within 24 hours of when you added salt, then this could all be normal. The salt level can fluctuate dramatically for the first 24 hours after you add salt. In my theory, you didn't add enough salt. However, some of the salt was drawn into the filter and raised the salt level around the SWG for the first day or so. It than took the SWG another day or two to drift down to the actual low salt level.

Seeing the no water light once in a while is normal and will no doubt continue happening once in a while.

Of course all of this is just a theory, the unit could actually be defective.


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Jun 3, 2008
I would tend to agree with the previous posts. When I put my RJ45 in service, I did not wait 24 hrs for the pool to stabilize....I dumped in the salt, and fired up the SWG. My readings were in the upper 5K range for the first day, then slowly came down to 3500 ppm over 3 days. However, I haven't had any error codes other than "over current" the first hour on start up (no doubt due to not waiting 24 hrs) issue since though.
Is your electrical connection to the cell tight? Do you have good flow through the cell? Do you have the inlet and outlet oriented correctly? (although I believe it actually can flow either way, so I've read on Circupool page) Do you possibly have a 220v power supply feeding a 120v cell power supply? (you can order Circupool in either 120v or 220v)


Apr 12, 2010
Thanks for the replies. The problem turned out to be a bad controller. Promptly replaced under warranty, works like a champ now.

Happy 4th of July everyone.


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