Is this pool brush ok to clean vinyl liner white greasy scum line?


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Dec 30, 2020
Greenville, SC
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New pool about 2 weeks old. This past weekend we broke it in with about 12 people. Alot of little kids. The next day there was a white greasy water line that would smudge and smear while trying to wipe it. I used my pool brush on a pole and it cleaned most with a couple of passes and the rest I used a cotton towel to clean while in the water. Just want to make sure this brush is ok to do some scrubbing with occasionally on the liner as well as brushing walls and floor?

Also hoping now that my pool water balance is set it will reduce this tacky white scum line the next time. was this from body oils and sun screen?

I got the brush from Lowe’s and it says it is safe for all pool finishes and has nylon bristles. I just want to make sure I do not damage my liner with scratches or finish damage. Here is the brush:
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