Is this normal??


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Mar 20, 2021
Las Vegas, NV
When I open the clear lid to my pump basket, all the water drains out and you can hear this “gurgling” sound as the water drains through somewhere (maybe the filter container??). Before I open the lid the basket is full of water with some bubbles at the top (we’re currently searching for a suction side leak). Just not sure if it’s normal that all the water drains out. We can hear it ”draining” for about 30 seconds.


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Jun 28, 2017
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Normal. Once you open your system water is draining out of your filter via gravity into your pool. When the system is closed the water remains in the above ground filter. Some air in the pump basket is also normal especially when the pump operates at slower speeds.
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Jul 7, 2014
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Kind of like taking your thumb off of a straw filled with water.. Gravity works... :mrgreen:

You can add a manual valve or check valve in between the pump and the filter and the problem will go away..


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Mar 20, 2021
Las Vegas, NV
Good to know. Really, I’m just trying to make sure it doesn’t have to do with the bubbles coming out of the return jets. My Magic Lube is supposed to arrive today, so I can lube up the gaskets. The pump is only a few weeks old, but the install guy didn’t lube. If that doesn’t fix the problem, I’ll move on to shaving cream to check for a leak in the connections.
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