Is this how I drain the pool?


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Jul 1, 2017
Hi there,

Need to drain the pool to lower CYA. Also, there’s a lot of water overflowing from the pool into spa. Pool guy says I connect a hose to the filter pump that runs spa/booster pump, run the filter, and drain the water from there.

Water definitely comes out of the hose when I do this.

Is this the correct way to drain the pool using the Aqualink RS-8?



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Jul 7, 2014
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I am not exactly sure what you are doing, but you want to make sure that wherever you are getting the water for your pump, ... make sure it does not run dry...

Jim R.


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Jan 17, 2012
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The safest way to drain your pool is to just siphon with a hose. Leave the pump off, use the hose to start a siphon and drop the other end in a lower spot of the yard or drain. (hey, remember those days of gas shortages in the 70s? Seems a mess of folks learned how to siphon from Mom's car back

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