is this.... .algea, dead algea, dirt, i give up?


Jul 10, 2018
aledo, tx
been slamming for weeks. pool is clear, thought i passed over night test last week. We swam thursday, and I vacuumed. I worked the last three days so I maintained FC at 5, filter only ran by hubby for maybe two hours a day, and today we are still clear but have build up in the crevices of our above ground liner...... I know that we have a few pinpoint holes on bottom that need patching or something and I know it rained a couple time this weekend......... But is this sort of build up normal or is it settled dead algea or something else (I have spent about a month a half working on clearing a swamp due to the cover coming off at a unknown time during the "winter").......Also, It is hard to vacuum as it is easily disturbed.

current test

FC - 3
ph - 7.4
CC - 4
TA - 180
CH - 80
CYA - 30

bring fc to 12 according to pool math app right now and will see where i am in the morning.... any other suggestions right now?



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Jan 17, 2012
Evans, Georgia
FC of 3 is too low for my comfort level. I would be afraid of it dropping if anyone sneezed in there and causing a problem. Aim to keep it like 4-6, which allows for normal daily sun tolls yet you're still far above minimum.

When you vacuum, go very, very slowly. Is anything blowing in to your pool??

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Jul 10, 2018
aledo, tx
ok, I must have been wrong on cc, was thinking total not combined but still wrong on it. Last night I brought fc up to 13, and it's 12 this morning with no CC.

Yesterday morning FC was 5 (that's where I've been trying to keep it) and it was down to 3 just before sunset. Does that sound right? Pool is in mostly direct sunlight and the return jet is above the water so it causes some aeration (and I had it running all day). No swimming yesterday, just scooping out ants and stirring it some.

We do live in a just dusty area, cars are constantly covered in a new layer of dust/pollen/whatever.

When I vacuum I do go very slowly, painfully slow to try to get this stuff actually vacuumed and not just kicked around. When I was still dealing with cloudiness (about a week and half or two weeks ago), I could brush it all off the bottom and even with the pump running I would notice a significant amount resettled within an hour. After vacuuming this week, there was a just a little bit re-settling in the crevices by the time we went in a few hours later but then by morning it looks like maybe 50-75% is back on the bottom (without pump running overnight).


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Apr 1, 2018
Bangor Maine
Just a quick tip on vacuuming, vacuum to waste as fast as you can, if you vacuum on filter a lot of dead algae is so small it just get pushed through the sand and back out your returns. It’s the reason I ditched manually vacuuming and bought a robot.


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Jun 23, 2018
Caro mi
txtucker, I'm curious, did you solve your problem yet? I'm having the same issue. Been slamming for a second time for 4 days. Numbers are perfect, but I can't get this "sand looking" substance to go away. It's not sand. I thought it was dead algae, but the high levels of chlorine I'm using and have been for several weeks, I can't believe I would still have dead algae.