Is this a reasonable ABG/deck cost estimate?


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Oct 13, 2016
This estimate is for a 16x32 partially buried doughboy with a 6' deep end
Also there is going to be a 6 person hot tub
Total of 1000 square feet of pressure treated wood decking

The total estimate for this project by one contractor was 52k


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Apr 16, 2007
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You're joking right? You need to go find an in ground builder and get a bid for a gunnite pool and spa for that price. I'm sure your would find one for that price.


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Sep 2, 2011
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Are you sure that the quote is 52k and not 5.2k? You can get an inground gunite pool for 52k.


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Feb 22, 2009
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Pool decks - especially surrounding the pool - are the least efficient and most expensive to build. That being said, even without knowing the extras it seems rather steep.


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Oct 13, 2016
You're joking right? You need to go find an in ground builder and get a bid for a gunnite pool and spa for that price. I'm sure your would find one for that price.

No joke. The yard is on a steep slope so I expected it to be a little higher.

Also, we had gunite companies come out and all of their bids were in the 80-100k range


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Oct 13, 2016
The deck that we are doing is also quite extensive and larger than most ABGs. I forgot to mention that it will have a black iron wrought fence running around it which jacks up the cost.

The deck will completely surround the pool with 8' spacing around the perimeter.


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Jun 18, 2016
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You can easily spend that kind of money on a wood frame deck if you choose. I helped a friend build a 24x16 deck that also incorporates a wrap around porch and wide walkway down the 36' length of his garage. The whole thing has a full roof structure over it, built as an extension to the roof line of the house and the large main deck is elevated out over his walk-out basement. We used Timber-tech decking and a very nice extruded aluminum/PVC wrapped railing system. The timber tech decking alone was approaching 10 grand and the railing was well over a hundred dollars per foot, easily over 10 grand total. The framing and the weeks of labor is not even factored into those costs.

Material choices, size and site conditions is a major factor in what any project costs. It would take an enormous amount of detail for someone on the internet to determine if 52k were a good price for your project. I would recommend you get at least 3 quotes on the project from reputable contractors. If one is substantially different than the others then there is probably a reason.


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Oct 13, 2016
I was off a little, it's actually 54k instead of 52k.

Here is the cost breakdown:

Total Cost: $54,747.20

Pool $39,750 includes:

  • Excavation
  • Install pool and decking
  • Sand
  • Plumbing
  • Deep end (6-7 ft)
  • Decking over lip
  • Black wrought iron and Cedar for rail
  • Additional 10x12 around tree
  • Extra 200sq. ft. decking for hot tub
  • Two coats of commercial grade stain/seal
  • Removal and haul off existing desking that will be replaced (the lowest level)
  • Project will be 7-10 working days. Start to finish.
  • Using pressure treated pine for decking
  • Same stain on decking and cedar
  • Taking care of any septic issues, re-route, etc.

Pool setup (total: $14,997.20)

Pool $8,178.53 includes:

  • 32X16 Silver Interlude
  • Liner - 32X16 Crystal Creek 25 mil
  • Filter - 250# Laser Sand System
  • Skimmer - deluxe grey
  • Ladder - Biltmor
  • Vacuum set - Maintenance kit, Pole, Vacuum Hose
  • Filter media
  • Zap Zit - nut grass killer
  • Pool Cove
  • Pool Pad
  • Automatic Pool Cleaner
  • Timer
  • Steps
  • Mat (for ladder or steps)
  • Equipment pad
  • Chemicals
  • Supreme Start Up

Hot Tub $6,818.67 includes:

  • Bahama Spa Serenity Cove
  • Shell color - tuscan sun
  • Skirt color - Espresso
  • Cover - mocha
  • Step
  • Chemicals - starter kit
  • Stereo - bluetooth

Total Cost: $54,747.20


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Jul 17, 2016
That just seems like an extreme price for an above ground pool. We were quoted close to that same price for an enclosed inground pool. Our current AGP is 19,328 gallons is a top of the line resin pool and ran around $5000 installed. The Spa cost sounds reasonable. The deck cost at $39,750 just sounds extreme to me. You asked, but it is your money.


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Jun 10, 2017
Ottawa/ON, Canada
You're making the choice to spend that money with those options. The cost of the spa itself could well be $10K and I know our breakdown of AGP with gas heater and no landscaping was as follows:
Equipment/Pool - $11,000 for a 12x20 oval with 260,000 btu gas heater sand filter, 1.5hp pump, salt system, locking stairs- included pool site prep, install, plumbing the skimmer etc, to the filter/etc.
$600 water
$100 of patio stones for equipment/ladder
$2500 for new electrical panel, all wiring, cable from house to pool equipment
$1500 for gas installer to run gas line to heater, enlarge gas line in house to 1.5" pipe (to allow for furnace, water heater, dryer, and pool heater all to be gas)

$1300 to remove sunroom/make space for pool
$1800 for concrete removal and foundation crack from sunroom's footings not being deep enough below frost line :(

This is all on a FLAT yard with a small pool and no deck/spa. That said if I'd had that $ to spend I could have had an inground installed here. Maybe smaller- and I don't have a huge decking need. The larger area we had to install a bigger pool was very sloped and a semi-buried was coming up to about $25K, 30$ K with NO landscaping/fencing etc. Slopes really increase costs, but think of it this way - you don't want your pool water to rocket down the side of a hill.

Putting in an iron fence earlier last year also tripled our fencing costs.
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