Is this a good price quote for an inground? Chicagoland


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Jul 28, 2010
Just received this price quote:

"I can get you a 16' x 32' rectangle, grecian or roman end style pool installed in your back yard for $29,995.

This includes the pool, liner, filter system, (no heater), 1 color changing LED light, 4' concrete walk around, fiberglass in pool step, in pool ladder, solid winter cover, Maintenance Equipment, Start up chemicals, Pool School, $500 for permits included, Dirt Removal and complete install."



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Jul 25, 2010
North Bergen, NJ
That seems a little's one I just recieved in NJ

This proposal made SAL 2010, covers the sale and installation of goods and for services described herein, in respect to the property to be improved at …………………………………………. by S&L POOL Co INC Contractor, to ……………………….. Owner, upon the terms and conditions hereafter set forth.
S&L POOL Co INC agree to install Vinyl In-ground Swimming Pool.
SIZE …………..16’x26’………………., SHAPE …………RECTANGLE POOL……………………….

The pool consists of the following components: Vinyl In-Ground Pool

 Galvanized steel walls 1 Light Color ($498 x 7% tax = $ 532.00)
 Standard A frames Step 4’x8’-N-SPA ($ 982.62 with tax)
 Rimlock aluminum coping or cantilever Bottom Drains 2’’ line (2 items)
 Wall Return 2’’ line (2 items) Salt System (20 boxes salt-1000lb, 1 case shock)
($ 1.192 include tax)
 Skimmers 2’’ line (2 items) wide mouth 2’’line Tigershark cleaning ($ 818 include tax)
 Sand Filter 500 lb
 Super Pump 2’’ line (2hp) Cost, Tax and Delivery Pool 9,919.95
 Three step ladder in deep and (1 item) Cost S&L POOL Co INC 5,500.00
 Vermiculite cement bottom and portland
 Concrete around outer bottom (skirt) Concrete Lock 700.00
 Maintenance Kit : Skim net, Vacuum hose, Telescopic pole, vacuum head, test kit, brush, thermometer, sup-vac-head Electricity (if you have own electrician,
please let us now) 1,800.00
 Step location ………..AND……………….. Excavation 1,100.00
Backfield 600.00
28mil Vinyl Liner ? 896.00
(9,919.95+5,500+700+1,800+1,100+600+896 =
= 20,515.95 Final Cost

****If you want some things from the Extra
Cost – Estimate the final cost goes up
Extra cost:
****If you remove some materials the final cost Heat pump 110.000 btu, electric 2,782.60
goes down (tigershark, step-N-Spa, salt system ) SPA (300’ flex pipe 2’’, pump 1hp) 3,370.83
Installation cost for SPA from S&L POOL Co 500.00
Winter Cover Solid with step and springs ?
Installation cost for Cover from S&L POOL Co 350.00
3’ Patio concrete around pool (300 sqf x $ 8) 2,400.00
3’ Patio stamp around pool (300 sqf x $ 10) 3,000.00
3’ Patio color stamp around pool (300sqf x $12) 3,600.00
Landscaping (Customer is response for topsoil) 900.00

S&L POOL Co INC Date 07/29/2010


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Apr 19, 2010
fudgebar - I've been reading your threads, and it seems as though the pools you're considering are on the smaller side. While any size pool is wonderful to have and enjoy, I'm curious to know if you're limited on size due to your backyard size. If space is not an issue, I highly suggest reconsidering the size of your pool. Again, any size pool is going to be totally enjoyable, but I've found that when we first had our hole dug for our 18x37 I was a little overwhelmed thinking that it was a little too large. Now that we have water and I actually see people in the pool, it's amazing how many people can actually swim comfortably at one time. I had 11 kids in the pool the other day playing volleyball, and there was room for more. So, this may be something you'll want to reconsider. If pricing is an issue, I understand, but usually it's not too much more to go larger. Either way, I know you'll love your pool (we all do) - just giving you a little something to consider.


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Jul 25, 2010
North Bergen, NJ
1Zuggy...thanks for that tip. Its not the money its kind of the space that is limiting me.....

I drew a basic design of my yard in Home Designer to illustrate where the pool will go and how limited I am with space.


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