Is there such a thing as a chlorine/free pool?


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Mar 21, 2008
I am having a great deal of difficulty navigating through the options for sanitizing my pool water. I've looked at ionizers, ozone, UV, etc. Do any of the ionizer/oxygenator systems (e.g., ecosmarte) actually do what they advertise? They receive very mixed reviews on the internet.


There are two EPA approved chlorine free systems, bromine and biguanide and neither is the best choice for an outdoor pool EVERYTHING ELSE IS A SUPPLEMENTARY SANITIZER!!!!!!!!
Some supplemental sanitizers are justified in certain conditions (such as ozone in a bromine hot tub or UV for an indoor pool) but many are just ripoffs based on pseudoscience! Ecosmarte is a prime example of this! If you believe HALF of what they say on their website then I have some water conditioning magnets and a bridge in Brooklyn I would like to sell you!