is there any way to test Autopilot system other than self test?


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Jan 19, 2011
I put a new cell on our pool a few weeks ago because the old one did not seem to work...

Never had an issue with algae ever ever until last two months. every time i take the water in to get checked they say "you have no chlorine"

Everything self tests ok but the thing is clearly not working... after week there is no calcium build up on the cell like there used to be.


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May 7, 2007
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If you write down the sequence of numbers reported during a test we can look at them and get a fairly good idea of how things are doing.

Nine times out of ten, not having any chlorine with a SWG is a chemical levels problem, and not a problem with the SWG. If you could post a complete set of water test results we will likely be able to tell you what is going wrong.


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May 24, 2007
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As Jason mentioned it is very likely you could have a chemistry issue. Even if a water test shows that everything is fine there are other things that could cause larger chlorine demand.

What is your water temperature?

What % is the Pool Pilot running at?

What readings do you see when running "Test Pool Pilot"? Also, be sure to have the unit in boost mode or at 100% purifier output for at least 60 seconds before testing.