Is there a way to set a schedule for my IC40 on the Easy Touch?


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Apr 6, 2018
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I’d like to be able set my IC40 on a schedule on my East Touch. I run my Glacier Chiller at night sometimes and I don’t want my SWG working at 50% the extra 5/6 hours at night. Right now after the SWG runs during the day I manually go in and put it to 1% on nights the Chiller runs and then in the morning manually adjust it again for daylight operation. I have the SWG set perfect to keep my FC at 7 during the day where I like it. I figure there’s got to be a way to add it as an option I just don’t see SWG as a option to set a schedule for. How do I get into the drop down menu in East Touch to use it?


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Jul 7, 2014
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Do you have a Pool and Spa EasyTouch or a Pool or Spa EasyTouch?

Do you have ScreenLogic?

The SWCG only runs if you are in the Pool or Spa mode. If you run your pump, when not in the Pool or Spa mode, the SWCG will not work. (If it does, you system is not wired correctly)...

So you could schedule the Pool mode for the normal operation and set up an unused Feature circuit and call it say "chiller" or whatever you want. You could schedule or manually turn on "chiller" when you do not want the SWCG to run.. You would also have to add "Chiller" to your list of pump speeds...

Please let me know if this does not make sense,

Jim R.
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